The players of the football club FC Zuerich Frauen were on their way to Lugano. The road trip was captured by artist and photographer Randy Tischler. The dreamy fiction that emerges shows a different and unseen side of the FC Zuerich Women: The Girls Club. The film shows the cohesion and the basic rhythm of this group. Beyond the clichéd images known from sports clubs. The Girls Club has its own energy, which also acts far away from the football field. They walk slowly and effortlessly, standing securely and firmly. They belong together. They are icons.

Girls Club Road Fiction Direction Randy Tischler Music Bad Gyal Cast Alena (LA) Markovic Argnesa (Paris) Rexhepi Djellza (Djellza) Shurdhani Lydia (St. Gallen) Andrade Eleni (London) Rittmann Camera Lukas Gut Co-Direction Rainer Brenner Creative Dir. Samuel Textor Direction Assist. Pavo Marinovic Editing Assist. Knife Young Graphics Pascal Deville Styling Noemi Ceresola Coordination Marion Daube Special Thanks FC Zuerich Frauen Girls Club Freundliche Gruesse